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You don't really want to be using all the cleaning tips listed below do you? The best cleaning tip I can give you is to use SparkClean's house cleaning service and enjoy your leisure time. But for the masochistic among you here are some of my top cleaning tips.

House cleaning tip 1 :What's the best way to get a cleaner a shower?

Limescale accumulation round the bath taps and shower head are frequently something we accept, but are easily cleaned. If your shower head isn't removable don't worry. Just get hold of a plastic bowl, fill it with cheap heated white vinegar (warm it in a saucepan) and submerge the shower head in the liquid. Keep the bowl in position,by  tapeing it to the shower head using masking tape, this won't tarnish the chrome. Allow to stand it for an hour - no longer. Get rid of the tape and the bowl. The deposits will have loosened, some will be in the vinegar. Use an old tooth brush to finish cleaning by scrubbing the shower head. Don't forget to run the shower to take away any surplus vinegar. Rub the exterior of the shower head with a dampish cloth and buff with a duster. White wine can be used as a cleaner to remove limesclale from shower screens.

House cleaning tip 2 : How to remove limescale from taps.

The same rationale lends itself getting cleaner taps. Wrap paper towels soaked on hot vinegar around the bottom of the taps where the limescale usually accumulates.  Adopt the aforementioned technique applied in the preceding tip for cleaning limescale from the shower head. Leave for approximately an 60 minutes, then wash exhaustively and polish to a shine. This doesn't work on taps or showers which are plated - you'll destroy the finish.

House cleaning tip 3 : Don't scratch your bath when cleaning it.

Most baths are easily damaged irrespective of what they're made of. The finish may be scratched if you apply an abradant cleaner and a coarse cloth. Use a cream cleaner, particularly designed for use on a bath in concert with a sponge, that is very soft and gentle, and the bath will clean up wonderfully  and maintain a  beautiful shine and be scratch free.

House cleaning tip 4 : How to get cleaner windows.

Whilst cleaning windows, apply twenty-five % vinegar blended with seventy-five % warm water. Wearing rubber gloves  submerge an old cotton towel in the water. Vigorously apply to the windows.  Then take scrunched up  newspaper and employ to buff up the windows. When cleaning the interior of the windows wipe horizontally. When you clean the exterior of the pane wipe vertically. This is exceedingly convenient for sussing out any streaks that might have been left. Vertical streaks will be on the outside and horizontal streaks will be on the interior! Cleaner windows more cheaply use car screenwash diluted with water in a spray bottle. You can do the same with a solution of white vinegar and water.

House cleaning tip 5 : Marvelous microwaves.

Slice lemon and put in a dish with water. Place in microwave and blast on full power for 5 minutes. Hey presto - instant air freshener and a cleaner microwave.

House cleaning tip 6 : Two ways to get rid of red wine stains.

Spilt red wine on your rug or carpetingt? If it's during a party there's a good chance you might have a bottle of white wine open. If so sloosh the area with some of the white  and then swab with layers of paper towel. Carry on until no colour shows on the paper towel. No white wine - then soda water will clean the stain in the same way.
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